Safety Solutions From The Office To The Field
Plan a Project With NextWave Safety

NextWave safety works with you from inception to completion to safely build projects. From planning to compliance reporting our safety experts can help design a program to fit your needs.

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We Work With Industry Standards

At NextWave, we believe that OSHA standards are just the minimum. Would you let your child drive a car with the minimum braking power? Don’t settle for good enough.

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Huge Is Not Scary For Us

NextWave has the capacity and trained staff for large and small jobs. If you need compliance officers for a local project or a nationwide program we have the expertise to tackle your project.

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What We Do

Hire Us For any Safety Needs.

Hazards are a part of the job, falling victim to them doesn’t have to be. Our safety experts help recognize potential issues before they become financial losses, streamlining the entire compliance process to keep your project on track and on budget. 

Going above and beyond the OSHA requirement? You can get a premium discount for that. 

Through NextWave Academy, employees can get their required OSHA certifications (and a little bit extra) with our enhanced virtual reality simulators. Need to train a site safety manager? We’ve got a program for that or can send our own certified professionals to your location. We work with owners, developers and insurers to put together risk assessment and mitigation plans and conduct site safety audits and programs. 




Active Projects


Finished Buildings




Our Process

Learn About Each Step Of The Process


Design Your Safety Program

Our process begins with a company-wide or site-specific safety assessment to identify your greatest safety strengths and risks. Our safety experts work with you to then create customized safety programs based on real-time, historic, and predictive data to meet your organization’s safety goals.


Start Training

Effective training is the heart of any successful safety program. Backed by our NextWave Academy, our full suite of virtual reality-enhanced, immersive training and certification courses support your compliance goals and workforce needs.


Implement Your Solutions

Led by our experienced safety professionals and industry partners, we partner with you to implement a full ecosystem of customized safety solutions for your specific business, worksites, and most significantly, your workforce requirements. We know paperwork is a hassle, that’s why all our solutions are fully digitized to allow for easy tracking of everything from training compliance certifications to when employees are on or off site. 


Benchmark Results

Our insights engine develops regular reports to alert managers to high-risk areas and behaviors before they result in an incident. No more flipping blindly through binders, our dashboard allows unprecedented oversight and data on job efficiency – share your progress with your financial institution at the click of a button. 

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