Stop us if you’ve heard this one:

You’re a vendor who is perfect for a project but find out you’re disqualified because you’re missing one of the 200+ pieces of paperwork you need to meet requirements or are just shy of the qualifications.

Or, how about this all-too-common and unfortunate scenario: You’re a buyer searching for vendors from underserved communities, only to discover that due to the complexity and lengthiness of the pre-qualification process, no suitable companies are available in time and you get a steep fine for not meeting your diversity compliance requirements.

Companies that adapt to diversity participation early will be better prepared to work with minority and female-owned businesses projected to account for more than 50 percent of businesses entering the construction industry by the end of 2020.


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Guided by the first ever Congressional Committee on Elevating Diversity Participation in Infrastructure and Construction, a task force for improving participation from diversity businesses, NextWave is streamlining the procurement process and aggregating critical services and resources to ensure increased and sustainable participation. Sure, there are compliance and accountability requirements, but we think to get as many vendors as possible involved in the bidding process just makes good business sense. That’s why we’ve created an online, LinkedIn™-like platform to connect vendors, buyers, projects, and resources.


NextWave Diversity helps buyers source diverse and local vendors for all their procurement needs.


NextWave Diversity does the research saving you time and effort when verifying vendor credentials.


Identify diverse and local vendors based on your selection criteria. We even work with vendors to help them qualify.


The NextWave Platform provides vendors and buyers a unique workspace for communicating and collaborating on procurement opportunities.

Capacity Building

NextWave Diversity helps vendors connect with other vendors to develop joint venture and Mentor/Protegee relationships to build capacity.


The NextWave Platform provides documentation and reporting on all inclusion and qualification attempts allowing you to demonstrate your efforts.


Diverse and local vendors gain access to critical resources to help them qualify for your procurements.



The NextWave Platform’s collaboration tools create a community where vendors and buyers can connect and share information.


Vendors participating with NextWave Diversity can access a wide array of training resources to help them grow their business.

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What we really do

Our free social business tools allow vendors and buyers to “friend” and “follow” along with a virtual marketplace for merchants to open virtual storefronts reaching a target-rich audience. Onboarding is simple. Just fill out the online universal resource profile and you’ll be added to the community of individuals and businesses looking to be found or collaborate. Your profile exists in perpetuity, just update it as you go and instantly submit your vendor profile for as many opportunities as you want. No more wasted hours spent filling out pre-qualification or financial resource applications for each project, just a streamlined process that moves quickly from outreach to outcomes.

Your profile can also be used to instantly apply for any NextWave services that you need in order to bid for jobs you want, be it safety certifications, training, surety bonding, commercial insurances, contract funding or teaming, and a library of educational services for skill-specific training, and general business development – our complete ecosystem is just one click away.

We’ve taken the pain out of the procurement process, just send an “invite” to any prime or resource to view your profile and they’ll see only the data you want to share.



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