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From construction sites to hospitals to warehouses, NextWave partners with safety teams to serve as unbiased, third-party oversight to help your operation run as efficiently and safely as possible. By augmenting existing, on-site block and tackle tactics with proprietary technology like our insights engine and compliance-tracking app, NextWave is digitizing and modernizing the safety industry to increase competition, improve efficiency and reduce the number of workplace accidents. 

NextWave serves its customers in three major capacities: 

  • Academy – our programs are OSHA and IACET approved and enhanced with immersive VR modules to certify for a variety of industries including transportation, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and agriculture. 
  • Safety – we remove the headache in meeting and managing compliance, recognizing hazards and reducing potential losses and insurance premiums to keep your project on track and on budget. 
  • Diversity – our plug-and-play, LinkedIn-style network streamlines the bid process helping minority and female business owners be more competitive in the market, making it easier for contractors to meet diversity requirements. 




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We’re applying new technology and processes to making workplaces safer, more inclusive, and more efficient because everyone deserves to go home at the end of the day.

While new and existing technologies have remade the industrial landscape, safety and construction were lagging behind costing business trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives annually. NextWave’s platform digitizes the whole process from training to procurement to improve efficacy and reduce complexity helping companies exceed their safety and diversity goals.


The safety industry plays a critical role in the global economy especially as investments in infrastructure increase. The lack of transparency in the safety and construction process due to legacy pen and paper processes is costing too much money and too many lives. We’re helping make the process less costly so more projects can get done with fewer incidents. 

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